I, Ash Mahmood, DUBAI photographer.




Photography is the side of me that brings out the creativity in me and allows me to express my passion for the art. It allows me to view the world and my surroundings in a different Perspective.

What makes me different from everyone else?
I add my own style to every picture I take, a touch of creativity and ideas that I have, to produce some creative photos to remember the best moments of your life.

My style in photography is to portray a story in each and every picture. The idea is to create a story that will mean something different to everyone, but a meaning which is deeply important. Therefore I try to keep all my photos natural whether portrait, fashion, wedding, events etc. This for me creates the best and most stimulating photos.

My journey in life has brought me to the middle east. Having started my photography in the city of London and progressing to cover all of Europe, I have now made a leap to the middle east. Looking for a new challenge and to shoot in a new environment.

Ash Mahmood Photography now covers primarily the Dubai area aswell as emirates in the UAE including Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and Al Ain. For other bookings, I will be available to travel within the gulf area also. For any London bookings, it will subject to dates.

I am a social guy


I’m Young & Friendly!



Fashion, Lifestyle, Portrait, PEOPLE photography is my speciality.

Currently Based In Dubai

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