Baby and Child Photography: Baby Photoshoot Tips

A few months ago I got the opportunity to shoot for Honey’s & Archie, a new upcoming children’s clothing brand.

It is known that photographing children can be hard, why you ask? Because they will constantly be moving around exploring their surroundings. Our shoot took place in a beautiful park in London, luckily with the sun on our side the lighting was perfect. The great thing about doing baby/child photography is that they have some amazing emotions and facial expressions, the shots you can get are endless until they start crying of course. Another great reason to do photo shoots with children below 4 is that they have not got to the stage where the are camera-shy or have to put on awkward smiles, it is all natural which is what makes it the best.


But doing photo shoots with kids shouldn’t just be get your camera and shoot a thousand shots and pray for a few good ones. It’s about the preparation and the right way of doing so. Il share what I learnt from my experience.

1. Get to know the model baby

Speaking to the child in normal language or baby language before the shoot is essential. It is so important to let the baby get to know you and LIKE YOU. Once the baby is actually interested in you and has familiarised itself with you good to go.

2. Get shooting

It is vital that you have your camera ready before hand and do not waste any time. Firstly babies move around a lot, lucky for me it was in a park and it was not too bad for her to explore whilst I was shooting. But again still important to be taking pictures as soon as because children get tired and restless. Once they get bored the smiles and laughter leave and the crying starts.

3. Clothing

When it comes to fashion and clothing photography you need to take into consideration of the baby wears. Honey and Archie were only modelling the baby (baby L from for their children’s leggings. However I realised that it is so important to have something equally as nice on top. Baby L was wearing a plain white T-shirt which was fine but when trying to get into big stores and catalogues it is better to have a top which will look great on the child and bring out a more eye-catching picture overall.

4. Props

As I said above after time children get tired so always have a prop or toy handy so that they can keep them self occupied and amused. The happier the baby the better the picture you will get. If there is no props, then be the prop. Play and make the baby laugh as you take shots, direct communication will keep the baby interested and excited. You wont believe some pictures you can get with a baby in front of a camera.

Overall the photo shoot went great and was a delight to shoot with Baby L and Honey & Archie.

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