ThinkTankphoto Perception Backpack: Best Photography Gear You Need

ThinkTankPhoto never really disappoints me when it comes to photography equipment. Being a photographer, it is essential for me to have a backpack/camera bag to carry my gear in. However you may go out on the occasion to do a small bit of photography and it is essential to have the right bag to fit even the smallest bits of kit in. I have needed a bag for my days of photography and a perfect backpack to take for travelling.

Something not too big but has enough volume to hold the essentials. As well as this it is always important for it to be aesthetically pleasing and comfort is a must. Having previously used products from ThinkTankPhoto I had to go check their products first as I have not yet been let down. They recently released the Perception backpack 15. This is particular backpack has three models; one which is simply for tablets and cameras so comes at a smaller size, then there is the 15 which will allow you to carry a 15inch laptop aswell and a tablet.

I chose the 15 as it seemed most suitable for me as I need something to carry my Macbook Air 13inch. To start off, I will give you an insight of the design of the bag. Thinktank have taken the design very seriously with the Perception 15 backpack, it is absolutely phenomenal with the ergonomics and style. The exterior of the bag is very clean and neat making it look very fashionable and easy to wear in public.

 The front of the back pack has three pockets for your to put in small items that need quick accessibility. 

Otherwise it maintains a nice clean design. 

The interior of the design is very useful. It includes many different pockets and section to fill up with all sorts of gadgets and personal items. As you open the first main zip you will see the fixed pouch that will allow you to fit in a dslr camera and lens. The largest lens I have fitted in is the 24-85mm zoom and that fits perfectly with the canon 100d. However sometimes with a bit of struggle I get my 70-200mm inside only when desperate. 

The only aspect of the design I DONT like is that it is very big. Due to it having extra special pockets/pouches inside it makes the bag look very big when on your back. If this is something you do not like, then you should check the Shape shifter backpack. This is not something I have tried yet but it promises to adapt in size to what you have inside which is PERFECT for me.

The second pouch is also available to fit in any extra bits and bobs but mainly made for lenses. 

As you go further down in the bag there is a large volume of area to include all the extras needed. 

Overall the bag gives everything promised and is a fantastic bag to get for you to cover photography trips and some travelling. It looks good, efficient and just all round phototastic!

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Think Tank Photo Perception 15 back pack

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